Casing Buoyancy System

    The casing buoyancy system is a special kind of floatation tool that sits inside the well casing. These buoyancy tools are made of high-quality materials that won't damage the wellhead system or casings. They use composite and non-metallic materials and are designed for long-term use. Furthermore, they are made to withstand a range of extreme pressure and temperature conditions.


    One of the primary benefits of a casing buoyancy system is that it reduces the drag on the casing when it is floating into the lateral section of the wellbore. This buoyancy system helps eliminate the need for premium casing threads and helps increase efficiency. It also eliminates the need for a debris catcher.


    Another benefit of using casing buoyancy systems is that it makes it easier to land the casing without rotating the string. Moreover, it provides an enhanced lateral buoyancy to the casing, which reduces sliding friction by 50%. Additionally, it helps run the production casing faster. This means that the operator can run the entire well in less time and minimize cost.


    A buoyancy system greatly reduces the hookload. Besides, it also increases the safety margin when hoisting the casing. In addition, it also reduces the frequency of detailed inspections of the hoisting system. These benefits should make it worth considering to run a casing string. Know more about buoyancy at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-ifk-H_hZQ.


    AirLock is a casing buoyancy system that has seen increasing use in wells. However, it is not as fast as other solutions. FloatCure, for instance, provides critical well cleaning and cement placement benefits. The system also provides improved stand-off for the string. In addition to lowering the weight of the casing, it also improves the pump through capability of the well.


    Lastly, NCSM's other offerings include tracer diagnostics and fracturing systems. These have been instrumental in NCSM's growth in recent years, along with a robust well construction and fracturing business through Spectrum Tracer Services. However, its main focus in recent years has been on the Airlock product line. This innovative casing buoyancy system helps facilitate the landing of casing strings in horizontal wells. Its sales increased by over 80% in FY2018.


    While using a buoyancy assisted casing tool, the driller must be aware of the risks and hazards associated with it. This is because the system may cause casing damage if it doesn't reach the TD. The tool may also have a dissolvable salt plug, which is placed within the casing. Be sure to visit this website for more details!


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